Club rules and regulations

Please read this - its important and your membership may be revoked if you don't!

The Club is open to any persons of any age who are owners of LandRover vehicles

Individual membership is open to anyone over 16 years of age.

Family membership is available to a husband, wife and children of the family, (up to 17 years of age who are entitled to junior membership).

After one yearís membership, the committee will review the suitability of members for continued membership of the club, and if this is thought to be inappropriate by the majority of the committee present, they shall have the power to terminate membership.

Membership fees will be renewed March 1st. annually.

Responsibility for the business of the club shall rest with an elected committee. The committee will consist of four or more club members elected at the Annual General Meeting. Any members of the club, except junior members are eligible for election provided they have been nominated and seconded by two other non-junior club members. The committee will convene at the request of the Chairman, Secretary or at the request of the majority of the committee. Any vote at a committee meeting may be requested to be secret by a committee member.

An Annual General Meeting shall take place in the month of September of each year, at this meeting the members shall:

Membership of the club shall entitle members the opportunity to attend club events, and purchase club branded items (all subject to availability).

Members shall be expected to behave responsibly and not bring the club into disrepute. This includes for example, abiding by the 'tread gently' approach to offroading, and treating other club members, and all persons who they may meet during the course of a club event, with respect and consideration. Members vehicles displaying the club insignia must be driven considerately at **all** times.

Where members bring family or friends to club events, they shall be responsible for the behaviour of those guests, again ensuring that they do not bring the club into disrepute.

Members are usually welcome to take their pets to club events, however they are responsible for ensuring they are kept under control at all times, do not cause a hazard or nuisance to others, and any 'mess' is cleaned up and disposed of in a suitable manner.

Members can be be removed from the club (and/or club social media sites) and barred from club organised events should the majority of committee members deem it necessary (for whatever reason). Any members facing such removal can appeal the decision to the committee, after which the committee's decision will be final. Membership fees are not refundable in such instances.

Refunds will not be made for club membership or event deposits unless agreed beforehand with the committee. There will be no refunds for clothing or club regalia once it has been worn or used.